Sunshine Project Solar Installation Launch


From: Sunday May 26, 2019, 12:30 pm

To: Sunday May 26, 2019, 2:00 pm

Invitation to Sunshine Project Solar System Launch

All members, friends and participants of the Rotary Club of Katoomba Sunshine Project are invited to attend the opening launch of the supply and install of a 5kW solar system procured for Earth Recovery. It is to be held on Sunday, 26 May, 2019 at 12.30pm at 142 Katoomba St.

A special thanks to all the members of the Rotary Club of Katoomba who either took part in the Sunshine Project or donated towards the finance of the solar system for the benefit of Earth Recovery.

Earth Recovery have been operating for seven years from the Uniting Church site in Katoomba Street and their community services include:

  • Rescuing food from local businesses – Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, bakeries, fruit shops, etc - (around 120,000kgs per year).
  • Providing food parcels – (around 200 per week) – Perishable food is cooked on site into nutritious meals to be frozen and handed out.
  • Supporting Mountains Neighbourhood Centres, School Breakfast Clubs and other community groups with “rescued” food (twelve different organisations in all).
  • Providing a 3 course lunch “Soul Kitchen” in the Hall every Sunday. (50-60 people).
  • The scraps (and extra collected from businesses) are composted for use on the Community Garden.
  • Liaising with other support agencies (Wentworth Housing, Drug & Alcohol, Police, Legal Services, Health and ATSI Liaison) to assist with accommodation and other needs.
  • Op- shop where clothing may be purchased cheaply or given away free.
  • NDIS & Work for the Dole Providers.
  • Supplying sleeping bags, swags, blankets and personal hygiene products.
  • Co-ordinating the use of the Parsonage Bathroom & Laundry for the Homeless, (the only facility of this type in the Mountains).
  • Partnering with TAFE to run life skills courses for students not engaging with high school, work for the dole participants and job seekers.
  • Providing refurbished computers to those in need through the Computer Rescue project.
  • Providing support for members of the local indigenous community, particularly in relation to housing and health issues and facilitating visits from various services such as the Mootang Health Bus, and more recently a new partnership with NCNS Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre for regular visits from a Dual Diagnosis Clinical Care Coordinator.
  • Partnering with Juvenile Justice to supervise young offenders to complete Community Service Orders.
  • Providing opportunities for Work Development Orders to assist offenders to pay road and traffic fines etc.
  • Paying for emergency temporary accommodation through Opportunity Shop income.
  • Providing supervised volunteering opportunities to women offenders through partnership with Corrective Services Works Release Program.
  • Arts and crafts group Friday afternoons.
  • Arts/crafts social enterprise opportunity for the homeless - producing products that can be sold through the Op shop and provide a source of income.

The 5kW solar system is scheduled for installation on this Thursday. Each Sunday Earth Recovery runs their Community Soul Kitchen. The launch is scheduled to coincide with this service. David Arnott and Michael Skeggs are assisting me to organise the launch. Thank you to those members. Our President, Maralyn Arnott will be master of ceremonies. Cr Kerry Brown is coming and I am awaiting confirmation of Trish Doyle’s attendance. Hopefully a representative from District Rotary can come so that a personal thank you can be made for their grant assistance. Brigitte Mackenzie, the manager of Katoomba Bendigo Bank is being invited as a thank you for the Bank’s generous sponsorship and participation in the Sunshine Project. All participants in the Sunshine Project are being invited to attend the launch too.

Winton Evers

Project Co-ordinator – Sunshine Project

13 May, 2019



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Earth Recovery

142 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780

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